Structured Workout Export

Structured Workout files exported from TrainingPeaks are compatible with most indoor training applications. Structured Workouts can be exported in .ERG, .MRC, .FIT, or .ZWO formats.  

Automatically Export Your Structured Workout

A few major device manufacturers and virtual training platforms offer automatic structured workout export with TrainingPeaks.  Once authorized, your structured workout for the day on TrainingPeaks will seamlessly export to your device or virtual training platform.  


  1. Log into your TrainingPeaks account > click your name > settings >  Click "Apps & Devices" > click add new connection > a new tab will open > select 'Garmin'. Alternatively, if you're already logged into your TrainingPeaks athlete account you can log in directly to
  2. Enter your Garmin Connect login credentials.  Make sure you're logging into the Garmin Connect account you associated with your device.
  3. You will see the option to enable the planned structured workout sync.  Enable it.
  4. Once you have linked your Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks accounts, available future structured workouts 15 days into the future will immediately sync to your Garmin Connect calendar.  If you don't have any structured workouts added, quickly create one and add it to today on your TrainingPeaks athlete calendar. 
  5. The next time your Garmin device syncs with Garmin Connect, your workout will be sent to your device. Depending on the model of your Garmin device your workouts will sync by Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, USB cable, or ANT+ Stick. Find more information about getting your workout from your Garmin Connect Calendar to your device here.

Please Note:

  • Cadence targets (if added) for structured bike workouts will sync and display together with power targets on Garmin devices.
  • The TrainingPeaks to Garmin structured workout sync will only sync workouts from TrainingPeaks to Garmin 15 days in advance, not all of your future structured workouts.  
  • A Garmin Connect icon on the workout Quick View in TrainingPeaks indicates that the workout has been synced to Garmin Connect.

Apple Watch

You can enable the structured workout sync from the "App Connections" heading in your TrainingPeaks account settings. 

  1. Open the TrainingPeaks app on your phone and log in
  2. Click “More” in the lower right corner of the home screen
  3. Click “Settings” 
  4. Under “Connections,” select “Connect Apple Health”
  5. Select “Turn On All” 
  6. Select "Allow" in the top right corner
  7. If successful, a checkmark will appear next to “Connect Apple Health”
  8. Click “Apple Watch Workout App”
  9. Check "Auto Send Workouts"
  10. Check "Push Notifications"
  11. Navigate back to your workout details page
  12. If successful, a checkmark should appear on the watch icon, confirming the workout was sent to your Apple Watch
  13. The default setting will automatically send seven workouts (today's workout and the next six days). You can change that to manual send under the same settings. If a workout isn't showing up on your watch, you can manually push using the Apple Watch icon on your workout in your TrainingPeaks mobile app


  • Indoor runs by pace do not show targets/ranges on step change.
  • The Apple Watch Ultra is the only watch that will show targets and ranges for run power. 
  • Secondary Targets are not supported at this time.
  • RPE workouts are not supported at this time.
  • Planned opened workouts (those that do not include an interval block) are not supported at this time.

Wahoo ELEMNT or Bolt

Supported structured workouts types: Power and heart rate bike workouts. Cadence supported for bike workouts

Before attempting the authorization, make sure you have the most current version of both the ELEMNT/BOLT firmware installed and the most current version of the ELEMNT companion mobile app for iOS or Android.

  1. Using the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion App, link your TrainingPeaks account (make sure you are using the ELEMNT Companion app, and not the Wahoo Fitness or Utility apps). 
  2. Under "Profile" select "Linked Accounts" and tap the TrainingPeaks option to authorize the sync.  This will sync your planned structured workouts to your ELEMNT as well as sync your completed workouts to your TrainingPeaks account.
  3. Once the connection to TrainingPeaks is authorized there are 2 ways to sync your planned workouts to your device
    • Through the companion app - under the "Ride" tab you can select "planned workouts" then sort by "schedule" to sync your planned workout from TrainingPeaks.  You can then select the correct workout for the day to sync it to your ELEMNT over Bluetooth
    • Over Wifi - if your ELEMNT is connected to your home or work Wifi you can hit the menu button on the left side of the device, then scroll to the "Planned Workouts" line and select "sync" to sync your workouts directly to your device.



Supported structured workout types:


  • Duration and % of FTP (Power))
  • Duration and RPE 

Please note that Zwift supports Structured workout Cadence targets for bike workouts.


  • Distance and % of FTP (pace) 
  • Duration and % of FTP (pace)
  1. Login to and make sure your TrainingPeaks athlete account is linked on the Zwift connections page.
  2. When you login to the Zwift app and select workouts, you will find today's structured workout under the TrainingPeaks dropdown (if you don't see it at the top scroll down to the bottom as sometimes it will be last in the list of workout folders).  
  3. You'll only see the workout for the current day, and it updates automatically each day. If you want to save a workout permanently to your Zwift workout folder so you can use it anytime then you can manually add the workout file to Zwift.

More information about Zwift and TrainingPeaks can be found here

Other Devices/Platforms

A growing number of devices and applications accept structured workouts created in TrainingPeaks. See this article for a complete list and instructions on how to export structured workouts from TrainingPeaks to your device/application.

Manual Export 

To export a workout that has been built with the Workout Builder, please click the 'Export' button in the upper right corner of Quick View.   



Supported structured workout types - Only available for a power-based structured workout

You will want to select an .ERG file if you are using:



Supported structured workout types - Heart rate, Pace, Power, RPE. Cadence targets not supported

If you are using a Garmin device you will want to enable the Garmin Connect Calendar sync.

.fit workout files are also compatible with 



Supported structured workout types - Only available for power-based workouts

You will want to select a .MRC file if you are using:



Why is .FIT the only option to export for my workout?

  • If you are only seeing the .FIT option, it means that your workout is based on Heart Rate, Pace, or RPE.  The .ERG and .MRC formats are specific to workouts that include Power data.  You will only be able to export as a .FIT with Heart Rate and duration-based pace workouts.  Power cycling, RPE, and distance-based pace workouts can be exported as .zwo

Should I see the Export option for my workouts built with the Workout Builder and currently in my Workout Library?

  • No, you will not see an export button until the workout is applied to the calendar.

Why don't the target zones for the structured workout on my device match the range in TrainingPeaks?

  • The ranges in TrainingPeaks and your device will not match.  The range on your device will show +/- 10% from the interval target specified in the structured workout.  The range of the structured workout in TrainingPeaks is the zone the target range falls within. The device range was set to avoid triggering device alerts/beeps that would happen if the target range displayed on the device was too narrow. 
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