Structured Workout Export

Workout files exported from TrainingPeaks are compatible with most indoor training applications and many Garmin devices. Workouts can be exported in .ERG, .MRC, .FIT, or .ZWO formats.  For FAQs, see this article.

If you have Garmin Connect IQ compatible device you can also wirelessly sync your structured workout of the day to your device using the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ app.  If you have a Wahoo ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT your structured workouts can be synced directly to your device.

To export a workout that has been built with the Workout Builder, please click the 'Export' button in the upper right corner of Quick View.   


.ERG - Only available for power based workouts

You will want to select an .ERG file if you are using:

.MRC - Only available for power based workouts

You will want to select a .MRC file if you are using:

.FIT - Heart rate, Pace, Power, RPE. Cadence targets not supported

You will want to select a .FIT files if you are using a Garmin Device.  The easiest way to load your Structured Workout to your Garmin device is to use the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ app.  If your device doesn't support Connect IQ then these files need to be manually copied to your device. Instructions on importing are available here.

.fit workout files are also compatible with 


.ZWO - Power and RPE bike workouts, Distance and pace running workouts. Cadence supported for bike workouts

The easiest way to use your TrainingPeaks workouts in Zwift is with the automatic workout sync. This will sync you workout for today directly to your list of workouts in Zwift. You will only need a .zwo file if you want to save a workout from TrainingPeaks permanently into Zwift so that you can use it whenever you want. Once you have downloaded the .zwo file you can drag it into the Workouts folder in "Documents > Zwift > Workouts".

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