Compatible Device Files

Please be aware that the following are common file formats that we use with our software and due to changes in file formats, does not mean that the file can always be used with our software:

Some file formats listed below are standardized, while others are not. In addition, some of the file formats go through format changes due to updating devices and software. For example, just because two files are in .csv format does not mean they are both in the same layout. Thus, just because you can get a particular file out of a device that we are not compatible with, doesn't mean it will work in our applications.


The file formats in which we use are:




.gpx 1.1 (standard gpx format)



NOTE: Please feel free to test using a non-compatible device with our software but we can't support any issues you may encounter.

Click here for a full list of compatible devices.


** For a compatible formatted .csv file please see the attached file from CycleOps. However, please note, even if a .csv file is formatted correctly, it still may not be able to upload to TrainingPeaks. 

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