Structured Workout Export FAQs


Why is .FIT the only option to export for my workout?

  • If you are only seeing the .FIT option, it means that your workout is based on Heart Rate, Pace, or RPE.  The .ERG and .MRC formats are specific to workouts that include Power data.  You will only be able to export as a .FIT with Heart Rate and duration-based pace workouts.  Power cycling, RPE, and distance-based pace workouts can be exported as .zwo

How do I get my structured workout onto my Wahoo ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT?

Do I need to use Garmin Connect to add my workout to my Device?

Should I see the Export option for my workouts that were built with the Workout Builder and are currently in my Workout Library?

  • No, you will not see an export button until the workout is applied to the calendar.

Why don't the target zones for the structured workout on my device match the range in TrainingPeaks?

  • The ranges in TrainingPeaks and your device will not match.  The range on your device will show +/- 10% from the interval target specified in the structured workout.  The range of the structured workout TrainingPeaks is the zone the target range falls within. The device range was set to avoid triggering device alerts/beeps that would happen if the target range displayed on the device was too narrow. 
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