How can I view advanced cycling data and Cycling Dynamics in TrainingPeaks?

The following advanced data channels and Cycling Dynamics can be viewed in TrainingPeaks using the updated Scatter graph

  • Power Balance
  • Left Power
  • Right Power
  • Left Torque Effectiveness (TE)
  • Right Torque Effectiveness (TE)
  • Left Pedal Smoothness (PS)
  • Right Pedal Smoothness (PS)
  • Combined Pedal Smoothness
  • Torque
  • Left Platform Offset *
  • Right Platform Offset *
  • Left Power Phase Start *
  • Left Power Phase End *
  • Left Power Phase Peak Start *
  • Left Power Phase Peak End *
  • Right Power Phase Start *
  • Right Power Phase End *
  • Right Power Phase Peak Start *
  • Right Power Phase Peak End *
  • Grade
  • Vertical Speed
  • Total Hemoglobin Concentration (multiple sensors supported
  • Saturated Hemoglobin Concentration (multiple sensors supported)

Note - note all data channels are supported by every headunit and powermeter combination.  To find out if your headunit or powermeter supports a certain data channel please contact your device manufacturer.

* Indicates Garmin Cycling Dynamics

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