How do I apply my Subscription Coupon Code to my TrainingPeaks Athlete Account?

If you have a coupon for your TrainingPeaks subscription you can apply the coupon to receive a discounted rate.


How to Apply Your Coupon Code


  1.  Log on to your TrainingPeaks athlete account.
  2. Click 'upgrade' on the top right'. 
  3. Click the upgrade button again on the pop-up window
  4. A new pane will open.  Select your preferred TrainingPeaks Premium term length.
  5. In the coupon code field, enter your coupon code and click 'apply'.  The new subscription price will appear to the right of the 'Total'. 
  6. Enter your billing address.  Your billing address must match the billing address of your credit card.
  7. Enter your credit card number and select 'purchase'.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with your invoice to the email you have on file for your TrainingPeaks athlete account. To view all of your subscription information, navigate to your Account Management



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