Data Editing

Data Editing allows you to delete segments of your workout, edit specific data points, or delete entire data channels such as power or heart rate.

Edit individual data points:

  1. Select a workout  
  2. Click to open it
  3. Click "Analyze"
  4. If you don't have the data grid showing you can add it by going to Charts > Add and dragging it into the charts area.
  5. You can now double-click on the cell you would like to edit.  

Delete a segment of the workout:

  1. Highlight the selection from the graph
  2. Click 'cut'
  3. Click Apply

Delete an entire data channel:

  1. Click the corresponding colored channel bar

  2. Select delete from the drop down menu
  3. Click yes to confirm
  4. Click apply


NOTE: the following data channels can be edited

    • Speed
    • Heart Rate
    • Power
    • Cadence
    • Elevation 
    • Temperature

Undo the edits

  • If you have not clicked 'Apply' yet, then you can simply click 'Close' and NOT save changes, your edits will be undone

Find the original, unedited file

  • From the Map and Graph view, click 'Edit' which will open the Quick View. From here click the 'File Uploaded' button and select 'Download File'. Your original, unedited file will download to your computer. You'll now be able to upload it again.















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