Elevation Correction

Elevation Correction:

Elevation correction takes your GPS-recorded positional data and compares it to the USGS survey database. This can be very useful when you have GPS elevation data. Barometric only elevation data should not be corrected. Elevation correction might be used in situations such as the following that can cause spurious data:
  • Your workout goes through a tunnel
  • Your workout is in a heavily wooded area or canyon and you have an imprecise GPS lock
  • Road cuts that aren't in the USGS survey database
These situations will correct but may still contain erroneous data. For example locations outside of the US can be corrected but will have less precision than inside the US.
Everyone will find this useful, but runners relying on normalized graded pace to calculate TSS may find it exceptionally useful.
Once your file has been uploaded and you click the elevation correction button, our server will compare your positional data against the database and return a comparison for you to approve.  If you feel the correction (red) is valid, click apply.  If you don't like the correction you can click close.

Please note:

If you download the file attached to the quick view you will be downloaded the original file, not the corrected file.  If you wish to 'undo' an elevation correction you can download this file and then re-upload it.
Bulk exporting from the Export Data option under Account Settings will download the original file.
WKO4 will sync the original, uncorrected file. 
You can read more on guidelines for using elevation correction here.
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