Bulk Recalculate TSS (TSS backfiller)

The TSS Backfiller Tool allows you to populate Training Stress Scores (TSS) that are missing from your Performance Manager Chart (PMC) dashboard chart and workout view or correct past TSS scores that were calculated using incorrect threshold settings

When would you need to use the TSS Backfiller?

You have uploaded device files to your account, but had not yet set your correct thresholds within your account, then the TSS would not have had any threshold information to be based on, therefore requiring the Backfill Tool. 

You may also need to use the Backfill tool if you upload a lot of previous workouts (months to years) and want to calculate the TSS for those workouts based on the thresholds at the time those workouts were completed.

How do I use the Training Stress Score Backfiller Tool?

  1. Log into your TrainingPeaks account and switch to the Dashboard view
  2. Locate the PMC chart and click the ☰ icon to access options
  3. Click the "Recalculate TSS" button
  4. Enter in desired date ranges, workout types and set your workout appropriate thresholds. **Please note: that if you are selecting 'All' for workout type, make sure that you set all of your thresholds appropriate for this date range, otherwise your old scores will be overwritten with incorrect ones.**
  5. Check the "Overwrite existing TSS" box if you wish to update workouts with TSS scores that were calculated incorrectly due to incorrect threshold settings, unselect the "Overwrite existing TSS" box if you only wish to fill in missing TSS scores
  6. Click "Recalculate"


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