How do I know which athletes I'm paying for?

1. Log on to your TrainingPeaks coach account

2. Click your athlete library (on the left-hand side of your browser window you will see a person icon) > a pane will open > towards the top you will see blue hyperlink named 'Manage athletes' > click that hyperlink.



3. A tab will open which separates your athletes into 3 separate bins:  basic TrainingPeaks athletes, coach paid Premium athletes, and self-paid premium athletes. 




4.  You can move athletes from bin to bin as desired.  Please note that you are not able to move athletes from the self-paid premium athlete bin to any other bin.  Also note that once you have upgraded an athlete to Coach paid you will not be able to downgrade them again for 14-days.  You can see when you will be able to downgrade them again by hovering your mouse pointer over their name.


If you're looking to view your coaching invoices navigate to your Account Management Page

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