Basic Athlete vs Premium Athlete account for Coaches

TrainingPeaks offers two different levels of athlete accounts: a paid Premium athlete Account and a Free Basic account.


See the key differences below:


Athlete Account type Coach Paid Premium Self Paid Premium Free Basic
Who pays for the account? Coach Pays Athlete Pays Free
How does this affect me as a coach?
Can I plan for the athlete? Yes Yes Yes
Do I have access to all of the charts and graphs? Yes Yes Yes
Can I get Post Workout Notification Emails? Yes Yes No
Can Athlete get Post Activity Comment Emails? Yes Yes No

Can I sync with WKO?

Yes Yes Yes

Can I see my athletes' Peak Performances?

Yes Yes No

Can I see my athletes' weather?

Yes Yes No

Can I plan using recurring workouts?

Yes Yes No

See athlete availability?

Yes Yes No

How does Premium vs Basic account type affect your athlete?

Click here to view all of the differences between basic and premium athletes.

Athlete has access to all charts and graphs? Yes Yes No
Can copy and move workouts into the future? Yes Yes No
Can edit files, create ranges, delete channels, etc.? Yes Yes No
Can access ATP? Yes Yes No
Athlete can see Peak Performances? Yes Yes No
Add their Availability? Yes Yes No
See their weather forecast? Yes Yes No
Access StackUp Feature? Yes Yes No


Coach Paid Premium Pricing

Coach-paid Premium athlete fees are TrainingPeaks athlete Premium subscriptions paid for by your coach account.

We offer a coach-paid Premium athlete discount structure based on the number of Premium Athletes paid for by your billing group. Self-Paid Premium Athletes will not incur any additional fee and do not count towards this discount structure.

Number of Coach-Paid Premium Athletes Discount
< 10 $9
10 - 19 $8.55 (5% discount)
20 - 49 $8.10 (10% discount)
50 - 99 $7.65 (15% discount)
100-199 $7.20 (20% discount)
200-499 $6.30 (30% discount)
500-999 $5.40 (40% discount)
1000+ $4.50 (50% discount)


Premium athlete fees for all members of the billing group are paid by the owner of the billing group on the first day of each month for the prior month's usage.

This discount structure begins its count after the included Premium athlete(s) for the billing group (I.e. you must have 10 Coach Paid Premium Athletes in your billing group to receive the 5% discount).


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