How can I manually export my Garmin Connect™ Activities into TrainingPeaks?

This article explains how to manually export your Garmin Connect activities to TrainingPeaks. If you would like to automate this process, please refer to our Garmin Connect Autosync article.

Below is a step-by-step guide to manually exporting your Garmin Connect workout into TrainingPeaks. See the image below for an illustrative example.

  1. First, make sure the workout file is uploaded into your Garmin Connect™ account.
  2. In Garmin Connect, navigate to Activities by clicking on the Menu icon. 
  3. In the Activity List screen, click on the Activity to be exported.
  4. Once the Activity is pulled up, click on the Gear icon and select Export Original.
    1. The original file may be compressed in a folder. You can open that folder to access the .fit or .fit.gz file inside to upload directly to TrainingPeaks. 
    2. For most activity types you may also use the .tcx file. For swimming workouts, we recommend using the original file.
  5. Drag and Drop the file into TrainingPeaks calendar.


Please note that you can only export one activity at a time from Garmin Connect™ using this method. If you would like to connect your Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks accounts so that your workouts automatically sync, please refer to our Garmin Connect Autosync article.





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