Manual Structured Workout Export for Garmin Devices

Garmin Devices

The easiest way to load your Structured Workout to your Garmin device is to use the Garmin Connect Calendar integration.

NOTES: You add these files directly to your device, not through Garmin Connect. 

Garmin Edge 500/10/20, 800/10/20, and 1000; Forerunner 920XT and other FR running watches, and Fenix3 (Windows/OSX)

  1. Plug in device via USB
  2. Open Garmin device folder
  3. Open NewFiles
  4. Copy your TrainingPeaks .FIT workouts file(s) into the NewFiles folder. Note: some devices may require you to place the file directly in the "Workouts" folder.
  5. Eject device
  6. You should see your workout under the workout under Training > Workouts> Workout Title.  If you don't see it immediately you may need to restart your device.

Note: If the workout does not load you may need to free memory by removing old workouts. In some cases you can only load one workout file at a time.  Hitting the Lap button will advance the workout to the next step.


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