Garmin Connect workout and body composition sync


The Garmin Connect Autosync allow you to automatically sync completed workouts and body composition data directly from Garmin Connect to TrainingPeaks.

Completed workouts

To sync completed workouts you will need to authorize TrainingPeaks from your Garmin Connect account

  1. Log into your TrainingPeaks account and navigate to
  2. Select if you would like to sync past Garmin activities or just new completed workouts going forward
    1. If you have previous activities in Garmin Connect and a new TrainingPeaks account select "Connect and Sync" under "I have past activities in Garmin Connect"
    2. If you don't have previous activities in Connect or you have already imported them manually then select "Connect my Accounts" under "I'm Starting Fresh"
  3. The next time you upload a workout to Garmin Connect from your device it will sync to your TrainingPeaks account immediately. Previous workouts from Garmin Connect will not sync to TrainingPeaks until you have uploaded one new activity. Historic workouts can take up to 7 days to sync to TrainingPeaks - do not disconnect your accounts during this time. You will not be able to attempt the history sync again and will then need to import all of your previous workouts manually.


Body Composition data

To sync body composition data you will need to authorize TrainingPeaks from your Garmin Connect account by navigating to

If you are using a Garmin Index scale then the following metrics will sync to TrainingPeaks

  • Weight
  • Percent Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Water Percent
  • BMI (you will need to have your height entered in your Garmin Connect profile)

If you are not using a Garmin Scale you can also manually enter your weight in Garmin Connect and that will sync to TrainingPeaks. No other manually entered values will sync. There is no option to sync previous body composition data.

If you have more questions or need help troubleshooting the Garmin Connect sync options see this article.




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