Why can't I see my workouts on my Apple Watch?

There are two main reasons your workouts might not be able to sync with the Apple Watch:

  1. To sync workouts from TrainingPeaks to Apple they must be built with the Structured Workout Builder. This article explains the difference between structured and unstructured workouts: Why are my workouts not syncing to my watch?
  1. Structured workouts built by RPE are not supported by the Apple Watch and are therefore not compatible with the sync

If your workout is structured but is still not syncing to Apple click on the workout to open it to check if it is built by RPE. You can do this by hovering the mouse over the blue boxes which will expand to display how the workout was built:

For more details on how to build or edit a workout with the Structured Workout Builder, please see this article: Structured Workout Builder

Please Note:

  • Indoor runs by pace do not show targets/ranges on step change
  • The Apple Watch Ultra is the only watch that will show targets and ranges for run power
  • Secondary Targets are not supported at this time
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