You can connect your Coros app to TrainingPeaks for seamless file syncing.

How to Connect Coros and TrainingPeaks


  1. Open your Coros app
  2. Click the 3rd icon on the bottom of your mobile device
  3. Click '3rd Party Apps'
  4. Click 'TrainingPeaks'
  5. Enter your TrainingPeaks athlete (coach will not work) login credentials. If you cannot remember your credentials reset your login information here
  6. Click 'Allow' when prompted
  7. If successful, a pop-up window will momentarily appear saying 'Connection successful'. 

Upload TrainingPeaks Structured Workouts to Coros


TrainingPeaks Structured workouts can be uploaded to your Coros device. 

  1. Update your COROS app to the latest version.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your TrainingPeaks athlete account (NOT your TrainingPeaks coaching account) on your COROS app > Profile page > 3rd Party Apps > TrainingPeaks after the app update. 
  3. TrainingPeaks Training Plan will show up on the COROS app > Profile page > Training Plan section within a few minutes if you have a valid plan/workouts in the TrainingPeaks calendar. 
  4. If you have made changes to your TrainingPeaks calendar,  manually sync the changes to your COROS app via the top-right icon with the TrainingPeaks plan section. 
  5. Tap Start Training Plan to send the plan to your COROS watch. 
  6. Every time the watch syncs with the COROS app, it will receive the updated training plan from your TrainingPeaks calendar. 

Of Note:

  • Coros will pull TrainingPeaks Structured Workouts for the next 7 days in your TrainingPeaks calendar (including today).
  • Only TrainingPeaks structured workouts will upload to the Coros app, not regular workouts with a text description. 
  • Coros currently supports structured run, bike, swim, and strength workouts.  Other structured workout types will not upload to your Coros device. 



  • The Coros/TrainingPeaks sync is not historical.  Activities you complete after successfully connecting Coros and TrainingPeaks will sync automatically to your TrainingPeaks athlete account.
  • To disconnect the Coros/TrainingPeaks connection repeat the Steps 1-4 above but click 'disconnect' when the TrainingPeaks page appears.
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