How do I sync my Suunto with TrainingPeaks?


You can sync activities from your Suunto device to TrainingPeaks using Suunto App on Android or iOS. Once you have connected via the app your Suunto activities will begin to sync the next time you record a workout.  You can now send training plans, structured workouts and much more from TrainingPeaks to your Suunto watch via the SuuntoPlus Guides

Suunto App


  • Make sure you have the latest software version for your Suunto 3, 5, or Sunnto 9 watch.
  • Make sure you have the latest update for the Suunto app.
  • iOS: Go to your Profile > "Connect to other services" and connect to TrainingPeaks
  • Android: Go to Settings > "Connect to other services" and connect to TrainingPeaks
  • If you have previously used TrainingPeaks with the Suunto app, make sure you disconnect and reconnect your account from under Partner Services in the Settings of the Suunto app.
  • Make sure that you have your Suunto watch paired and connected to the Suunto app.

Historical workouts

Suunto does not send a workout history to TrainingPeaks automatically. If you would like your previous workouts to be loaded in TrainingPeaks, you will need to export them individually and manually upload them to your training calendar using the Drag and Drop to Upload a Device File.


If you're using the Suunto App, please refer to these articles for instructions on how to download your .fit file:


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