TrainingPeaks and Apple Watch

You can perform your TrainingPeaks structured workouts on the Apple Watch Workout app. The following will allow you to connect TrainingPeaks with the Apple Watch Workout app.


Minimum Requirements


  • iOS 17.2 or greater.
  • watchOS 10.2 or greater.
  • After iOS software updates are complete, please fully uninstall and reinstall the TrainingPeaks iOS app. If you don’t have the TrainingPeaks app installed: Please download it from the App Store on your iPhone.


Supported Workout Types (Structured Only)

  • Bike by power, heart rate, and duration.
  • Run by pace, heart rate, power*, and duration or distance.
  • RPE workouts do not sync to the Apple Watch

How to Connect TrainingPeaks and Your Apple Watch

To send workouts from TrainingPeaks to your Apple Watch, you need to connect the Apple Watch Workout app.

To get workouts from your Apple Watch back into TrainingPeaks, you also need to connect to Apple Health.

You can access both of these connections from the "App Connections" heading in your settings.


Final Apple Watch Instructions.gif

  1. Open the TrainingPeaks app on your phone and log in.
  2. Click “More” in the lower right corner of the home screen.
  3. Click “Settings.” 
  4. Under “Connections,” select “Connect Apple Health.”
  5. Select “Turn On All.” 
  6. Select "Allow" in the top right corner.
  7. If successful, a checkmark will appear next to “Connect Apple Health.”
  8. Click “Apple Watch Workout App”

  9. Check "Auto Send Workouts."

  10. Check "Push Notifications."

  11. Navigate back to your workout details page.

  12. If successful, a checkmark should appear on the watch icon, confirming the workout was sent to your Apple Watch.

  13. The default setting will automatically send seven workouts (today's workout and the next six days). You can change that to manual send under the same settings. If a workout isn't showing up on your watch, you can manually push using the Apple Watch icon on your workout in your TrainingPeaks mobile app.

What do I do when my workout fails to sync to TrainingPeaks?

If your workout fails to sync to TrainingPeaks it will display the text ‘import failed” with ‘retry’ appearing next to it. To push that missing workout to TrainingPeaks, click ‘retry’ when you have a strong connection. 



  • Indoor runs by pace do not show targets/ranges on step change.
  • *The Apple Watch Ultra is the only watch that will show targets and ranges for run power. 
  • Secondary Targets are not supported at this time.
  • Planned opened workouts (those that do not include an interval block) are not supported at this time.
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