TrainingPeaks StackUp

TrainingPeaks StackUp allows TrainingPeaks Premium athletes to compare their Peak Performances with other TrainingPeaks Premium athletes. 


What Peak Performances does StackUp compare?

StackUp compares Peak Performances for cycling power (w/kg and raw watts) and running (pace). 

What Do I Need to Use the StackUp Feature?

Using StackUp requires:

  • Data - Without workout files that have power data (for cycling, recorded by a device from your power meter) or speed (running) StackUp won't be able to compare you to any other TrainingPeaks user. If you're unsure how to upload your workout files to TrainingPeaks, please refer to this article.
  • Weight Entry - StackUp requires that you enter a weight into your TrainingPeaks account. You can either enter a weight from the StackUp screen or use this method. Note: a weight entry is only required for cycling power.
  • TrainingPeaks Premium - StackUp is a TrainingPeaks Premium feature. You can upgrade here.
  • Mobile Device - StackUp is available only on iOS and Android, not the TrainingPeaks web app.

How Do I Access StackUp?


  1. Open the TrainingPeaks mobile app.
  2. Click Analytics.
  3. Click StackUp.
  4. Your StackUp results will populate.

What Comparisons Does StackUp Provide?


  • Gender *- Male, Female, and All.
  • Ages* - 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc., in five-year increments up to 70-74 for Males, 70-74 for All, and 65-69 for Females.
  • Time Ranges - StackUp supports All-Time, year, and last 90 day filters back to and including 2017. 
    • StackUp currently does not support year filters before 2017. e.g., A TrainingPeaks Premium athlete could not view StackUp for 2009 even if they had data then.**
  • Time Split (cycling w/kg and raw watts)- Like Peak Performances, StackUp displays 5 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, and 60 min performances.
  • Distance (running) - 400 m, 800m, 1 km, 1 mi, 5 km, 10 km, 10 miles, 1/2 marathon, marathon.

*If the TrainingPeaks Premium athlete does not have a gender or DOB entered in their account settings, the default will be 'All' for all those filters.


StackUp FAQS

Can other TrainingPeaks athletes see my data?

No.  At this time, StackUp is not visible to other TrainingPeaks athletes and doesn't provide any social sharing tools or public features like leaderboards. Please note, however, that if you have currently attached to a TrainingPeaks Coach account, your coach can see your StackUp.

Do you have plans to add other StackUp data channels?

We expect to add to StackUp functionality in the future.

How does StackUp calculate its comparisons?

StackUp derives its comparisons by taking all the Peak Performances achieved by TrainingPeaks athletes and creating data sets.  StackUp takes watts (or pace) from your Peak Performances and entered weight to generate the distribution.

Power meters often generate errors. Did you clean the data?

Yes. We used the Power Profile Chart, available in the TrainingPeaks Dashboard chart, as outer limits in the data set.

GPS recording often generates errors. Did you clean the data?

Yes. We removed GPS data that lead to erroneous pace calculations.

Do you have plans to add StackUp to the TrainingPeaks web app?

We expect to.


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