How to add metrics, workouts and events to TrainingPeaks mobile App

You can add metrics, workouts, and events on the TrainingPeaks mobile app.

Add a Metric


  1. From the Calendar view, click the "+" icon.
  2. Choose Metric from the options.
  3. The metric card appears.  Add your metric.
  4. When finished, click 'Add'.
  5. The metric appears in the TrainingPeaks calendar feed.

Please note if you don't see a field to input the desired metric, you can customize this from within the TrainingPeaks mobile app. 

Add a Workout


  1. From the Calendar view, click the large "+" icon on the bottom right.
  2. Click "workout" (If you just choose workout, TrainingPeaks will add the workout to today's date. Click the small "+" icon on another day to add a workout to a different day).
  3. Choose a workout type
  4. Name the workout
  5. Set a workout duration.
  6. Add any other planned workout presets you desire.
  7. Click "Add" on the top right of the workout card.
  8. The workout appears on the chosen day.

Add a Workout using a library


If you have a workout library populated with workouts you can add a workout from your libraries on any day you choose.

  1. From the calendar view, click the "+" icon on the day to which you'd like to add a workout.
  2. A menu appears. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Workout Library."
  3. Scroll through your libraries and click the library that contains the workout.
  4. From within the library, click the workout.
  5. The workout adds to the specified day on your TrainingPeaks calendar.

Add an Event


  1. From the "Home" view, click the "+" icon to the right of the Events header.
  2. Name your Event.
  3. Choose a date for your Event with the date picker.
  4. Choose the Event type.
  5. Click "Add".



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