Peak Performances FAQ

These are the most common questions regarding Peak Performances in TrainingPeaks.  You can also find a general overview for Peak Performances and Peak Performances Mobile.  

  • Are Peak Performances shown for all activity types?
    • Peak performances are only available for Running, Bike, and MTB activities.
  • Can I achieve more than one of the same peak from the same workout? (e.g., 1st and 2nd highest 1-minute power for 2024 from the same workout) 
    • TrainingPeaks only looks for the single highest peak at a given duration in a workout.  So if you do your first interval workout of the year and set your 3 highest peak 1-minute power performances for that year so far, only the highest will be recognized.
  • How can I remove a Peak Performances from my list on the mobile app?
    • If you long press a peak on the Android app or swipe a peak on the iOS app from historic Peak list you can remove it.  You may want to do this if you have erroneous data from that workout or if you live at altitude but only race at sea level occasionally.  Removing a Peak Performance will not alter the original workout or data in any way, you may still want to go to the original workout to correct bad data.
  • Will my previous workouts update as I set new Peak Performances?
    • No. The Peak Performances listed in the workout summary will stay the same as the day the workout was uploaded unless you recalculate the workout.  This will give you a snapshot in time of what those Peaks were on that day. (i.e., if you set a 3rd best peak for the year in January, but by the end of the year it is only your 8th highest, it will show as 8th in the Peaks tab for that year, but when you go back to view that workout it will still show 3rd).
  • Why is my best time from a previous race not showing in my list of Peak Pace Performances?
    • The Peak Performance feature use time series recorded data, including GPS data, to calculate peak performances.  The most common reasons for a missing Peak Performance from a previous running race are that the race distance and duration were manually entered instead of recorded with a GPS device, or that the distance recorded by your GPS was short of the actual distance.
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