How do I sync Suunto data into TrainingPeaks?


There are 2 ways to sync activities from your Suunto device to TrainingPeaks - the Suunto App on Android and iOS, or Movescount online. Once you have connected either service your Suunto activities will begin to sync the next time you record a workout.


Suunto App

iOS: Go to your Profile > "Connect to other services" and connect to TrainingPeaks

Android: Go to Settings > "Connect to other services" and connect to TrainingPeaks


Suunto Movescount

Visit to learn more or you can navigate directly to or select "Other Sport Services" from your Movescount settings page.


From that section select "Connect with TP" and enter your TrainingPeaks username and password.


  • Make sure to connect only one service (Suunto App or Movescount) to your TrainingPeaks account. If you want to start using the Suunto app instead of Movescount be sure to disconnect Movescount first.
  • If you need to disconnect your account from Movescount, please log into Movescount, click on Settings, click on Social Media and Services, then look for the Disconnect link under the TrainingPeaks option.


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