Where is my TrainingPeaks Training Plan?

Did you just purchase a TrainingPeaks training plan, receive a confirmation email, but do not know how to access it?  Follow these instructions to apply your plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar.

How to Find and Apply Your Training Plan


TrainingPeaks delivers purchased training plans directly to the training plan library in your TrainingPeaks athlete account.  Before you can start following the workouts in the training plan, you will need to log in to your TrainingPeaks athlete account and apply the training plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar. Here's how: 

  1. To apply your plan, log into your account.
  2. On the left side, there are a couple of icons, the bottom one that looks like a binder is your plan library.
  3. Click it and the drawer will pop out with your list of plans in it.  Click the plan you just purchased.
  4. You have two training plan application options*: Start date or End date.   Choosing the Start Date is useful if the plan doesn't culminate on an event date e.g. a 'base' plan. Choosing the end date is useful to have the plan end on your event (race day).
  5. Select the date.  If you select the date and then switch start/end, it'll reset the date, so double-check that the date is right.
  6. Click Apply.  The training plan will populate your calendar with workouts.  

*Some training plan authors design their training plans to end on a specific event date - you do not have the ability to designate when the training plan starts.

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