How do I use AutoMerge?

How to AutoMerge Files:

You can upload multiple device files for a workout and the system will AutoMerge ™ these files into a single file.

This will enable you to combine different devices and get one complete workout data file.  This is particularly useful if you have for example, a heart-rate monitor and a separate GPS unit.  If you routinely use multiple devices on a single workout, then you’ll find this feature very helpful.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is NOT to be used to combine separate workouts into one big workout such as a 'Brick' workout, two different long runs or back-to-back rides, etc.  The AutoMerge is meant for combining data collected from different devices on the same single workout.  In the case where you might have a morning workout and then an afternoon or evening workout, you will need to create separate individual workouts on that day within your account.

How does it work?

We simply evaluate the time-date stamp in the data file and align the files based on the timestamp. If the time samples of the units are at different rates, we do a linear interpolation to fit samples into the same sample rate as the highest sample rate between the two files.  Make sure the clocks on your devices are synched.  If the device file does not contain a time stamp, then we simply align based on first sample in each file.

To use the feature, you will need to upload two files to a workout using the directions below:

  1. Upload the first file however you wish whether that is through Autosync, Drag and drop, or using the workout Quick View.
  2. Upload the second file using the workout Quick View ONLY.

Upon completion of the second file upload, the workout will AutoMerge ™ these files into a single file.


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