Fitbit Sync

Activities and body composition data uploaded to your Fitbit dashboard can be automatically synced to your TrainingPeaks account.


  1. Log in to your TrainingPeaks account and navigate to the connection page here and select "Connect and sync"
  2. Select what you would like to sync from Fitbit to TrainingPeaks. If you would like to sync activities and body composition data select "allow all". If you only want body composition data then select "weight" (which will include other body composition data like % body fat). If you only want training data select "heart rate", "activity and exercise" and "location and GPS". All 3 of this must be selected for training data to sync correctly.
  3. Click "allow".


Compatible Devices

  • Iconic
  • Versa
  • Charge
  • Sense 


  • If you wish to stop syncing Fitbit data to your TrainingPeaks you can disconnect your accounts here.
  • If you have allowed body composition data to sync from your Fitbit account to your TrainingPeaks account then any manually entered body composition data, or data synced from other sources to your Fitbit dashboard, will be passed on to your TrainingPeaks account - you do not have to use a Fitbit scale.
  • Activities must include heart rate or GPS data to be synced to TrainingPeaks. Indoor swimming workouts will not sync at this time since the will not have heart rate or GPS data and will need to be manually entered in TrainingPeaks.
  • Only new activities and data uploaded or entered after the sync is established will sync - there is no historical data sync from Fitbit at this time.


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