SRM Devices (PC 5/6/7/8)

Powercontrol 5/6/7 - All require the use of SRM X software


  • To upload workouts to TrainingPeaks from SRM X:
    • In SRM X click "settings"
    • Select "Data Transfer > TrainingPeaks"
    • Enter your TrainingPeaks username and password
    • Once your TrainingPeaks account is linked in SRM X you can highlight any activity in SRM X and send it to TrainingPeaks by highlighting the activity and selecting "File > Transfer Data > TrainingPeaks"
  • To Save workouts to WKO
    • Save workouts to TrainingPeaks using SRM X and then sync to WKO
    • Alternatively, you can export a .fit file from SRM X that can be imported directly to WKO
      • Right-click an activity in SRM X
      • Select "Export as..."
      • Save the file somewhere that you can find it in .fit format
      • You can then drag and drop that .fit file directly onto the WKO Window to upload it to WKO
  • To save workouts to WKO 3.0:
    • Export a .tcx file from SRM X and drag and drop into WKO 3.0.

Powercontrol 8 - Mass storage

  • The PC 8 is a mass storage device and creates .fit files natively - which means that you can access TrainingPeaks and WKO compatible files directly from the device by using Finder or Windows Explorer
  • To Save workouts to TrainingPeaks or WKO
    • When you plug your PC 8 in it just loads to your computer like a flash drive or removable hard drive.  On a PC it'll show up under "Computer" as an external drive.  On a Mac it shows up in the finder or on the desktop as an external volume
    • You can doubleclick that drive/volume to open it.  Inside will be all of your activities in file format.  Sort them from newest to oldest and then you can just drag that file (or multiple highlighted files) right onto the TrainingPeaks calendar or WKO window to upload.


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