Integrating Your Branding, logo, and website

Integrate your coach brand throughout your TrainingPeaks account under your account settings.


COACH LOGO: You can upload your logo as a header for your account.  The recommended dimensions are 288x69 

REDIRECT URLs: These allow the coach to set where a client is directed when they perform a specific action.

  1. HEADER LINK: Use this to make your header a clickable link, and direct it to your business website, a new window will open up.
  2. LOGIN FAILED URL: You can set what page a client goes to when their login fails.  If you have a business website, you can have this go back to the page where your clients log-in, or you can also have a specific page that tells them the login failed, and then a link to get their password....or some other helpful information. Feel free to use the "Forgot your password?" link in your own page, this links to our password recovery tool.
  3. LOGOUT URL: This is a very common Redirect URL to set!  Where do you want your clients to end up when they log out of their account?  If you have a business website, it's a great idea to put that URL as the Logout URL.



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