How to Hide and Lock Workouts

TrainingPeaks Coach accounts can lock or hide their athletes' planned workouts. 

Locking Functionality Overview 


When a coach locks an athlete's workout, they prevent an athlete from modifying a workout. Modification examples are moving a planned workout from one day to another or modifying a planned workout value like TSS or duration. 

Hypothetical use case: 

  • An athlete frequently changes the order of planned workouts which contradicts the coach's actual plan. 
  • An athlete modifies planned workout values after the workout is completed so the workout compliance will turn green, or be compliant.

Hiding Functionality Overview 


When a coach hides an athlete's workout, the athlete cannot see the planned workout on their TrainingPeaks calendar; the coach, however, can see the workout but will see the crossed-out eye icon indicating the workout is hidden.

Hypothetical Use Case: 

  • A coach is performing long term planning and doesn't want the athlete to have visibility on workouts too far in the future.
  • The coach enters a note to themselves as a coaching aid (a reminder, an observation, etc) that they don't need the athlete to see

How to Lock/Hide an Individual Workout


  1. Log in to your TrainingPeaks coach account
  2. Load the desired athlete calendar
  3. Find the workout you wish to lock
  4. Click the ☰ on the workout card
  5. Select 'Lock'
  6. The workout will no longer be modifiable by the athlete. 
  7. To unlock the workout, click the ☰ on the workout card and select 'Unlock'. 

 How Lock/Hide Multiple Workouts - Weekly Summary Method


  1. Log in to your TrainingPeaks coaching account.
  2. Load the desired athlete calendar
  3. Find the workout you wish to lock/hide
  4. Click the ☰ on the weekly summary
  5. Select 'Lock' (or 'Hide') from the drop-down. All the workouts in the week that will be locked/hidden will highlight in blue. Upon selecting 'lock', they will no longer be modifiable by a TrainingPeaks athlete.
  6. To unlock the workout, click the ☰ on the workout card and select 'Unlock'. 

How to Lock/Hide Multiple Workouts - Shift Method


  1.  Click on the date header of the first workout in the range
  2. Go to the last day of the range and, while holding SHIFT, click on the date header.  Please note that you are not limited to a week of lock/shift with this method, you can highlight weeks/months at a time.
  3. Select one of these two options from the list that is displayed
  4. This range of workouts will now each have displayed an eye with a line through it (hidden) or a lock. 
  5. To show (unhide) or unlock this range of workouts, use the same steps listed above to find this option

Of Note

  • Once an athlete uploads data to a workout it cannot be hidden by a coach. 
  • At this time we do not offer automated 'unhiding' or 'unlocking'.  If a coach wants a locked/hidden workout to be unlocked/unhidden, they must remember to do so as TrainingPeaks does not automatically perform that function on their behalf.
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