Dual Calendar

The TrainingPeaks dual calendar allows TrainingPeaks coaches to easily compare and plan for athletes side by side or place two Training Plans or an athlete and a Training Plan side by side.

Enabling the Dual Calendar

  1. Select the Calendar view tab
  2. On the top right, click the dual calendar icon.
  3. A blank calendar appears adjacent to your open calendar.
  4. Drag another TrainingPeaks athlete, athlete group, or training plan into the blank calendar. 
  5. The athlete, athlete group, or training plan will load adjacent.

Dual Calendar Uses

A TrainingPeaks coach can use the dual calendar to:

  1. Copy workouts from one athlete to another.
  2. Copy a training plan from the training plan to the athlete.
  3. Copy an athlete's workouts from the athlete calendar to the training plan.
  4. Add workouts from a training plan or another athlete to all athletes in an athlete group.
  5. Copy part or all of the workouts from one training plan to another training plan. 
  6. Load the same athlete account in both calendars to compare the athlete's training over different time periods.







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