How do I create an account for my new athlete?

You can create a TrainingPeaks account for your new athlete from the athlete library. We recommend that you invite the athlete to connect to your account instead, as that will ensure that all of the information for the athlete's profile is entered correctly when they create their account, or that their existing account is connected if they already have a TrainingPeaks account.

To create a new athlete for your athlete

  • Open your athlete library and click "+Athlete" at the top of the library
  • Click "Would you rather create an account for your athlete?" at the bottom of the window
  • You will be taken through a series of menus to create the athlete account
    • Email address, Name, Gender, and athlete type
    • Username
    • Basic or Coach Paid Premium account
    • Invitation link to the new account
  • Note - the athlete will not automatically be sent an invitation to access their new account, you will need to send the athlete the username and password from the final screen.


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