What are the "alerts" on my athletes on the Home View?

The alerts section on your Home page will populate with icons to help you quickly determine which of your athletes may need your immediate attention.  There are 4 main types of notifications that you will see on the Home page.



Threshold changes


  • Sickness -  ‘Slightly Sick’ and above
  • Injury -  ‘Slightly Injured’ and above
  • Fatigue - ‘High’ and above
  • Stress - 'High' and above
  • Yesterday’s Training - ‘Worse than normal’ and below
  • Overall Feeling - ‘Below Average’ and below

Expiring athletes 

  • If a non-coach-paid premium athlete’s account is going to expire soon they may be at risk of being downgraded and detached from your Coach Edition account.  Click the alert to take action and either contact them to make sure that their self-paid Premium subscription is set to renew or upgrade them to a Coach Paid Premium account under your billing.

Peak Performances 

  • A blue medal icon in an athlete's alerts indicates that the athlete set at least one new Peak Performance.  More details can be seen in the Feed and by clicking the icon.
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