Manage Your Athletes' Accounts

The Athlete Management page is the easiest way to view and manage your athletes' account information.  From this page, you can view and change the athlete's account type, group, other coaches that they are shared with, and disconnect them from your account.  You can access the Athlete Management page either by clicking the "Manage Athletes" link at the top of your athlete library or by navigating to



  1. Bulk action - select multiple athletes to move them into the same group, remove them from your account, or download a .csv report of information about those athletes.
  2. Athletes - all athletes connected to your Coach account.  Click the arrow to sort alphabetically or reverse
  3. Account Type - Click to sort by account type (Premium Coach Paid, Premium Athlete Paid, Basic, Shared).  From here you can also upgrade Basic Athletes to Coach Paid Premium or Downgrade Coach Paid Athletes to Basic.  You can also view which athletes have Premium Trials or subscriptions that are expiring soon and may require action to stay connected to your account
  4. Athlete Group - the groups that your athletes are sorted into in your athlete library and are displayed in the Home and Group Calendar view.  From the Athlete Manage page you can move multiple athletes to different groups at the same time using the dropdown in this column
  5. Shared Coaches - shows any coaches to whom the athlete account is shared, or indicates if the athlete's account is directly connected to another coach and is shared with you
  6. Disconnect or share an athlete's account with another coach
  7. Filters - displays only athlete of a certain account type, group, or both.
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