Garmin Connect™ AutoSync FAQs

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions about the Garmin AutoSync:  


  • Help, I synced to Garmin Connect but it's not showing in TrainingPeaks!

    • Due to the overwhelming response to our Garmin AutoSync the queue can run a little slowly during peak hours which can result in a short wait before the files sync.  Please be patient and your workout should appear shortly.  If you still do not see the activities, check the connection on Garmin Connect to make sure TrainingPeaks is still listed as a Permission.
  • How much of my Gamin Connect data will sync to TrainingPeaks?

    • Currently you have the option to sync only new workouts upload after the Autosync is set up or your entire Garmin Connect history.


  • I just synced my accounts, but I am not seeing workouts in TrainingPeaks yet.  Why not?
    • Your Connect workout history will not be sent to your TrainingPeaks account until after you sync a new workout completed after you set up the sync in Garmin Connect™.  Also, you won't see any workouts dated prior to the day you connected your accounts.  It can take 48-72 hours for historic data to show up after syncing a new workout.

  • Do I want to sync my entire Connect history when setting up the AutoSync?

    • If you've been uploading to TrainingPeaks daily and into Garmin Connect™, don't choose to add your entire history or you'll end up with duplicate workouts!  There is no automated way to remove those duplicated workouts, but you can manually remove by deleting from the calendar.

  • Will my synced workouts pair to planned workouts in TrainingPeaks?

    • Workouts that are synced that match a planned workout (by sport type) in TrainingPeaks will be loaded into that planned workout.

  • How do I disconnect the AutoSync from my Garmin Connect™ account to my TrainingPeaks account?

    • If you need to disconnect your Garmin Connect™ account from TrainingPeaks, you can do so from the autosync setup page here:

    • You may also want to check in Garmin Connect under Settings > Account Information to be sure it's detached there as well.
  • How does the AutoSync handle my Multisport file?  Will it transfer to TrainingPeaks?

    • If your multisport file is downloaded into Garmin Connect™ as one multisport file, it will be separated into each sport type when sent over to TrainingPeaks.  For example, a Swim, Bike and Run multisport file will be synced into individual Swim, Bike and Run workouts.
  • Why do my strength/weight training exercises upload as "Other" for the sport type?  
    • Currently "strength" activities recorded with Garmin devices don't pair automatically with planned strength workouts in TrainingPeaks because they aren't actually labeled as "strength" in the workout file. Currently the best workaround is to create the planned workout as "other", then after the workout syncs to the planned workout you can change the sport type of the workout back to strength. 
  • Will manual workouts entered in Garmin Connect™ sync as well?
    • No, only workouts with workout device files will be synced.  You will want to manually enter those workouts into TrainingPeaks as well.


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