Garmin Connect Autosync FAQ and tips (Activities, workouts, and daily health metrics)

If you are experiencing issues or have additional questions about the Garmin Connect integration for completed activities, planned workouts, or body composition, the following FAQ and tips may help

Completed activities (Device to Garmin Connect to TrainingPeaks)

  • I synced to Garmin Connect but it's not showing in TrainingPeaks!
    • First, check to see that your activity uploaded from your device to your Garmin Connect account by logging into Garmin Connect and checking your recent uploads.  If the activity is not there it's either:  an issue between your device and Garmin Connect or you have duplicate Garmin Connect accounts and are not logging into the correct account. 
    • If your activities are in Garmin Connect then check the connection on Garmin Connect to make sure TrainingPeaks is still listed as a Permission.
    • Usage during peak hours which can result in a short wait before the files sync. Please be patient and your workout should appear shortly.
  • How much of my Gamin Connect data will sync to TrainingPeaks?
    • Currently, you have the option to sync only new workouts upload after the Autosync is set up or your entire Garmin Connect history.
    • DO NOT disconnect accounts and reconnect if you are still waiting for your history to sync- this will disable history from being sent from Garmin Connect. It can take up to 24 hours for your history to come over from Garmin. 
  • I just synced my accounts, but I am not seeing workout history in TrainingPeaks yet.  Why not?
    • If you authorized Garmin Connect to send all your workout history the sync will not be triggered until you upload a workout to Garmin Connect after you authorize the TrainingPeaks/Garmin Connect authorization. 
  • Help! My Garmin Connect historical workouts are still not showing in TrainingPeaks.
    • Garmin only allows users one opportunity to sync their Garmin history to TrainingPeaks, if you have previously synced your Garmin account history to any TrainingPeaks account in the past you will not be able to get the history again (creating a new TrainingPeaks account will not change this).

    • To get your historical files into your TrainingPeaks account, you can always manually export from Garmin Connect and drag and drop them onto your TrainingPeaks calendar:  How can I export my Garmin Connect™️ Activities into TrainingPeaks?

    • However, this may be time-consuming if you have a lot of historical files on your Garmin Connect account. Fortunately, Garmin recently released a new feature that sends users all of their historical files in one request. In order to request your history, you can submit a request at this link:

    • Once you receive your data, you can upload those files into your TrainingPeaks account by unzipping them from the file Garmin sends you and dragging and dropping the workouts into your TrainingPeaks athlete calendar.

  • How do I disconnect the AutoSync from my Garmin Connect account to my TrainingPeaks account?
    • If you need to disconnect your Garmin Connect™ account from TrainingPeaks, you can do so from the auto-sync setup page here:
    • You may also want to check in Garmin Connect under Settings > Account Information to be sure it's detached there as well.
    • DO NOT disconnect accounts and reconnect if you are still waiting for your history to sync- this will disable history from being sent from Garmin Connect.  It can take up to 24 hours for your history to come over from Garmin. 
  • How does the AutoSync handle my Multisport file?  Will it transfer to TrainingPeaks?
    • If your multisport file is downloaded into Garmin Connect™ as one multisport file, it will be separated into each sport type when sent over to TrainingPeaks.  For example, a Swim, Bike and Run multisport file will be synced into individual Swim, Bike and Run workouts.
  • Will manual workouts entered in Garmin Connect™ sync as well?
    • No, only workouts with workout device files will be synced.  You will want to manually enter those workouts into TrainingPeaks as well.

Planned Structured Workout (TrainingPeaks to Garmin Connect and device)

  • Only future structured workouts are eligible, and only the next 15 days of workouts are sent to Garmin on a rolling basis
  • Your thresholds must be correctly set for that workout type (power, heart rate, pace) in TrainingPeaks in order for the workout targets to correctly display on your Garmin device.
  • Workouts must be scheduled today or in the future
  • Once a workout has been completed, no additional changes will be synced to Garmin Connect.
  • Eligible workout types are Run, Bike, Swim, Cross-train, Mtn Bike, Custom, Rowing, Other, and Walk. Strength, Day Off, and Brick workouts are not supported
  • Any edits made to the workout (moving to a different day, changing the structure or title) immediately sync to Garmin Connect. You will also need to sync your device with Garmin Connect for the changes to update on your device.
  • Workouts from TrainingPeaks cannot be edited in Garmin Connect - they can only be edited in TrainingPeaks. Changes made in TrainingPeaks will immediately sync to Garmin Connect.
  • Workouts can be added to the calendar, rescheduled, or edited by an athlete or a coach. If a coach removes a planned workout from an athletes calendar it will be removed from the athlete’s Garmin Connect Calendar immediately and from the device the next time it syncs with Garmin Connect.
  • Structured workouts added from training plans or added or edited by your coach sync the same way as workouts added or edited by you
  • The Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR, Forerunner 735 XT, and Forerunner 920XT are all compatible utilizing Garmin Connect.  


Daily Health and Body Composition metrics

  • Can I manually enter data in Garmin Connect to sync to TrainingPeaks?
    • Only body weight - no other manually entered values will sync
  • Can I sync my daily health and composition history from Garmin Connect?
    • There is no option to sync previous body composition data at this time
  • Does other health data like steps or pulse ox sync to TrainingPeaks?
    • Not at this time. Currently, only the following metrics sync
      • Weight
      • Percent Fat*
      • Muscle Mass*
      • Water Percent*
      • BMI* (you will need to have your height entered in your Garmin Connect profile)
      • Body Battery (the highest and lowest value for each day)**
      • Stress Level** (the daily average)
      • HRV**
      • Sleep hours**
      • Time in Deep Sleep**
      • Time in Light Sleep**
      • Time in REM Sleep**
      • Total Time Awake**

* Requires a Garmin Index scale

** Requires a compatible Garmin wearable



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