Remove an Athlete

 How to Remove an Athlete from your Coach Account

  1. Open your athlete library
  2. Click on the athlete's name in your library
  3. Click on the 'trash can' icon at the bottom right corner of the athlete summary card
  4. Confirm that you would like to remove this athlete from your account
  5. If you had been paying for this athlete's premium account, your charges on the next payment will be prorated to this removal date.

Please NOTE:

  • Removing an athlete does not delete the athlete's account.   It simply detaches them from you.  Their login credentials will remain the same.
  • If you were previously paying for their premium access (coach-paid premium athlete account) they would be downgraded upon detachment to the free basic athlete edition account.
  • If you had a training plan applied to this athlete, please remove this training if necessary before detaching the athlete from your account.
  • Removing an athlete will also un-share their account from any other coaches that they were shared with.




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