How to sell your Training Plans in the TrainingPeaks Store

You can add training plans that you've created to the TrainingPeaks store.  Training plans available for sale in the TrainingPeaks store will also display on your Coach Directory Public Profile page.


To add a training plan from your library to the store:

  • Open your training plan library and select this plan
  • Go to the plan settings by clicking the gear icon towards the top right corner of the summary card
  • In the plan settings, click on 'Publish Plan' on the left side of this window
  • Set a price for this training plan
  • Select the checkbox “Add to TrainingPeaks Store”
  • Click 'Save' to send this training plan to our store on the website.


Please NOTE: 

  • charges a 30% commission for all plans sold on its site (including those sold through Private URLs).
  • The minimum price for plans sold in the training plan store is $4.95 USD (can be any price on Private URLs)
  • Dynamic plans cannot be sold in the training plan store, but can be sold on Private URLs.
  • If a training plan that is event specific has passed its race date, it will be removed from the store automatically.
  • A training plan must have a minimum of 7 workouts (1 week) to be published in the store.
  • The training plan will have a preview in the store which includes:
    1. the description you've created for this plan
    2. a chart of the weekly duration/distance
    3. the description of the first 5 workouts in this plan
  • Each month your training plans sales will be sent to you via PayPal. The email for this account must match your TrainingPeaks coach account email.
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