How to Create a Private Web Page for your Training Plans

You can create private pages for your training plans to offer them outside of the TrainingPeaks Plan Store.  



If you have not already created a private web page, you must first do this.  Once you've created one web page, you will then have the option to add a training plan to the existing web page.  Training plans only showing on Private Webpages will not display in your Coach Directory Public Profile page. charges a 30% commission for all plans sold on its site (including those sold through Private URLs)

Here's how to create a NEW private web page for a training plan

  • Open your training plan library and select a plan
  • Go to the plan settings by clicking the gear icon towards the top right corner of the summary card
  • In the plan settings, click on 'Publish Plan' on the left side of this window
  • Add a price for this training plan if desired
  • Select the checkbox “Add to Private Web Page”
  • In the “Create New Page” box that appears:
    1. Add the name of your web page- you do not have to add anything in addition to this (i.e. 'www' or '.com'). The name of your web page is required.

      • Note that the custom portions of the webpage name cannot contain a "/", but it can have an "_".

      • Do not enter a space in your private web page URL name. e.g. best plan ever . The spaces entered in the URL portion you designate will appear to be accepted but will not retrieve any training plans on the URL page. Instead, use '-' or '_' instead of 'space' in their URL.
    2. You can optionally add a header image that will appear on your web page. The recommended image size is 940x240px (as shown below).

  • Complete the process by clicking on 'Create New Page'.
  • Your new web page will now be listed in the 'Select Existing Pages' box. If this is the only web page that you've created it will be preselected for you and your training plan can be published to this page by clicking on 'Save'.


Here's how to select an EXISTING private web page

  • Select the checkbox “Add to Private Web Page”.
  • Go to your Existing Private Web Page list, which is below the 'Create New Page'.
  • Select which existing web page you would like the training plan to be added to.
  • Publish the training plan to this page by clicking on the 'Save'.
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