Training Plan Folders

You can create training plan folders and filter your training plan library to organize and find training plans.

Create a Training Plan Folder


  1. Open the training plan library.  It's the 3rd icon down to the left of your browser window from the TrainingPeaks calendar view.
  2. Click 'New'. Choose 'Folder'.
  3. Name your training plan folder.  
  4. Click 'create'.
  5. The new training plans folder will now be available in the training plan library, arranged alphabetically in order. 

Moving training plans between libraries


  1. Open up your training plan library.
  2. Find the training plan you want to move to another training plan folder.
  3. Click the plan.  A pop-up window will appear.
  4. Under 'Folder' in the pop-up window, click the drop-down icon.
  5. A list of your training plans folders will appear. 
  6. Choose the training plan library to which you'd like to move your plan.
  7. The plan will move there automatically upon selection

Renaming your Training Plan Folder


  1. Open your training plan library.
  2. Find the training plan library you'd like to rename.
  3. Move your cursor to the far right of the folder until the ☰ icon appears.
  4. Click that icon. A pop-up window will appear.  Click rename.
  5. Rename your training plan library.
  6. Confirm the renamed library by clicking the blue 'rename' button.

How to Search for a training plan in your Training Plan Library


  1. Open your training plan library. A pane will expand.
  2. Enter your cursor in the 'search' bar and type your search term.
  3. Any training plan folder containing a training plan with the relevant search term will appear.  Please note that it is a global training plan library search, not limited to any specific library.
  4. To view the training plans with the search term in the library, select the available libraries themselves by clicking on them.  
  5. Once clicked, the library folder arrow icon will point down and the training plan with the search term will appear.

How to sort your training plan libraries


  1. Open the training plan library
  2. Click sort
  3. A pop-up window will appear with 3 options: Name of Plan, Published to store, and created date.
  4. Clicking on any of those titles will sort your entire training plan library ascending or descending, depending on which way the arrow to the right of the sorting option is clicked. 
  5. Click it again to change the ascending or descending order.

Delete a Training Plan Folder


Please note: Deleting your training plan folder also deletes every training plan contained in the folder. Once you delete the training plan folder, the training plans cannot be recovered. 

  1. Open your training plan library.
  2. Select the training plan folder you'd like to delete.
  3. Hover over the training plan title until the ☰ icon appears. Click it.
  4. Choose the 'delete' option.
  5. To delete the training plan folder you must type 'delete' into the text field of the pop-up window and then select the red 'delete' button'. 
  6. Your training plan folder and all of its contents will be deleted.

Copy a training plan into a Training Plan folder



  1. Open your training plan library.
  2. Find the training plan that you'd like to copy.
  3. Click the training plan. A pop-up window will appear. 
  4. Select the copy icon on the bottom right of the training plan window.
  5. Another pop-up window will appear.  Click the second drop-down menu under 'folder' and then select the training plan folder to which you'd like the copied training plan to be moved.
  6. Select copy.
  7. The copied training plan will now appear in the training plan folder.

 Sort by Publishing


  1. Log on 
  2. Open the training plan folder
  3. Click the arrow on the left of the pane that expands
  4. Click the 'published' option.
  5. Your plans will now sort by published and unpublished.
  6. If it's published in the store, have it read Published - Store
  7. If it's published in a private URL, have it read Published - Private URL
  8. If it's published in both the store AND private URL, - Store, Private URL
  9. If not published in either, have it read Not Published
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