How do I make my own copy of a Shared Training Plan?

You are able to make a copy of a training plan that's been shared to you from another TrainingPeaks coach account.

  1. Open your training plan library to the left of your calendar and then expand the 'Shared Plans' library
  2. Click on the shared plan you'd like to make a copy of and then click on the copy icon (see first image below)
  3. You will be prompted to name your new training plan. Type in the name of this new training plan and then click on 'Create plan.' An exact copy of this plan with all of the same workouts will be created and added to your 'My Plans' library
  4. You now have full functionality with this newly created training plan (edit workouts, apply/share, publish, manage)



  • Before using this newly created training plan, please decide whether or not it should be a standard or dynamic training plan and update if necessary. You can make this change from within the training plan settings (click on gear icon on the training plan summary card).



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