Athlete Account Sharing

With a TrainingPeaks Coach account, you are able to share your athletes to another coach account  

Here's how to share an athlete

  • Open your athlete library by clicking on this icon to the left of your calendar.
  • Click on the athlete that you would like to share.
  • Click on the share icon (as show below).
  • Type in the email of the coach that you would like to share this athlete's account with and 'Submit' (as show below).
  • This coach will receive a 'Request to accept shared client' email that contains the URL to complete this share.


  • If an athlete has been shared to your coach account, you do not have the ability to upgrade this athlete from a basic edition account to a premium athlete account.  Only the attached coach may do this.
  • Alternatively, you do not have the ability to downgrade a shared athlete from a coach-paid premium athlete account to a basic edition account.  Again, only the attached coach may do this.
  • Athletes cannot be shared to another athlete account.  If you are receiving a message that states "You must be logged in to a valid coach account to accept this request", please log out of your TrainingPeaks account, click on the emailed URL again, and then login to your coach account.
  • You can accept any number of shared athletes at no additional cost
  • To remove a shared athlete from your coach account see this Help page.





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