Athlete Groups


Athlete groups can be loaded to the Calendar view or the Home view to simplify and organize your planning and review workflow.

  • To create a new group click the + icon next to your Athlete Library 

  • To add athletes to the group simply drag and drop or click the athlete name and select the group from the drop-down menu.

  • If you want to rename the group hover over the group title and, click the ☰ icon at the right, and then rename.

  • To ungroup follow the same steps as renaming but choose 'ungroup'.  The category will be deleted and all of the athletes will return to your 'my athletes' group.

  • To load a group to either the Calendar or Home view you can click and drag the name of the group to the center of those views, you can click the ☰ next to the name of the group and select “load”, and on the Home view you can click the name of the group in the upper left to select another group from the dropdown. 
  • You can set the default group that will load to the Home view when you log into your account by clicking the ☰ next to that group name and checking the “Default” box


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