How to Create a New Training Plan (Coaches only)

You can create a new Training Plan by clicking on the Training Plan library icon to the left side of the calendar in your Coach account (the Closed Binder icon) and then clicking the "+ new" button in the upper right corner of the Training Plan Library pane.

 How to Start a Training Plan


  1. Login to your TrainingPeaks coach account.
  2. From the Calendar view, click the 3rd icon down on the left-hand side.
  3. A pane opens. Click the '+ new' icon within. 
  4. Name your plan
  5. Unless you click the radio button to make the plan dynamic, your training plan will be Standard.  You can read about Standard Vs Dynamic Training Plans here.
  6. Click create. After a brief pause, your new training plan will appear.  You can now begin adding workouts to the training plan.

How to Build a Training Plan

Once you have created your plan you can start adding workouts the same way as you would plan for an athlete. Coaches generally create training plans either from scratch or using workouts from an existing athlete. 

If you're adding workouts from scratch, you can add workouts to the workout calendar with two methods.

Add directly to the calendar by clicking the "+" button on any day


Drag and drop from your workout library



Copy and paste from another day on the plan or from an athlete or another plan using Dual Calendar



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